Our code of practice

Our work is all about people — both as themselves, and as part of a team and the wider organisation. For this reason, and the fact that ethics and values are important to us, we have a clear code of practice. This code of practice supplements the disciplines expected from the professional bodies to whom our people are affiliated – British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy, Institute of Leadership & Management – and applies to all our work. Its key elements are:

  • Relationships: we conduct commercial relationships within the spirit of the agreement as well as the detail of the contract
  • Invoicing: we only invoice for what is contracted; nothing extra, unless it is first agreed with the client
  • Dedicated executives: we only field the executives that were promised at the outset of a contract. We do not believe in the old sleight of hand, “you buy the boss but get a junior.”
  • Confidentiality: when working with teams and individuals in process work what comes into the room stays in the room – always.
  • Respect: each of us brings the ‘whole person’ to work. When working with individuals and teams, irrespective of the level in the organisation, this simple truth is respected: we create safe spaces in which people can work and grow
  • More safe space: we will never ask a client to go into a process situation where we have not been ourselves.
  • The client’s good: we will only ever use techniques or skills to the benefit of the client and its people. One up-manship is not an ethical practice and we don’t use it.