Case Study » Introducing a customer service culture to the whole organisation

The Client

A national homebuilder, with operations throughout England and Scotland.

The Brief

“We have done quality management and the whole ISO 9001 thing to death and everyone has bought into it intellectually, but we are not seeing the results in customer service. We have to become a customer-driven business, can you help?” The chairman had spoken.

The D’Arcy Response

Working with the senior team we developed a strategic approach and programme with the following key elements:

  • intensive awaydays with senior teams to develop vision, mission & strategy.
  • customer awareness programme for all staff, to shift mindsets about the customer.
  • internal customer programme.
  • refocus all systems and procedures on customer.
  • skills training
  • group and personal coaching

The Results

Reduced operating costs, reduced staff turnover, significantly reduced levels of staff turnover, increased sales referrals.