How smart are phone users today?

Fifty years ago, receptionists and telephone exchange operators (“what the hell was a telephone exchange operator?”, I hear some of you thinking) would have, quite simply, been unable grasp the fact that a phone to most people in 2021 would be, smart, mobile and carry significantly more computing power that the whole system that took … Continued

Post-COVID-19 decompression — do we get it?

Here we are again, another lockdown and all its attendant stresses; this time it’s underpinned by an even more scary level of contagion and hospitalisations. On the back of a ‘thin’ Christmas, that for many was a limited chance to socialise and really let off steam at the end of another hard-working year. For millions, … Continued

Will we work in the sun now?

In a previous blog I wrote about the changes that would emerge around the home-working trends tipped to emerge from the COVID-19 experience. Today I heard, from a reputable source, of a highly respected travel company boss about a trend he sees emerging. His business specialises in high quality properties and villas across the Mediterranean, … Continued

Why change programmes often fail

We know that change, more than ever, is the norm; it is constant and likely to remain so as digital and social pressures continue apace. It is thus hardly surprising that organisations have to consider change to be an almost permanent agenda item, and the fall-out from Covid-19 will ensure that this remains the case. … Continued

Home-working may not be all it seems

There can be little doubt that COVID-19 has changed the workplace, as well as enhancing the fortunes of Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype.  Few would argue that the potential efficiency, environmental and lifestyle benefits of the new-found enthusiasm for home-working are real. As I write, finance directors across the globe are counting the cost savings: … Continued