Case Study

Breaking down barriers between client and delivery teams

The Client
Alexandra Palace, London, England
The Brief
On the commencement of the main restoration works for the historical landmark building, in summer 2017, relationships between the Client, Design and Construction Teams were under increased pressure and it was recognised that intervention was required. The main contractor suggested working with a business mediator from D’Arcy Inspired to resolve conflict between the teams involved.
The Response

Phillip Cooke facilitated a process in which the two senior teams came together in two groups: client team in one group and construction teams in a second. To follow up, six principal staff – three from each of the two teams – met and workshopped the findings.

The Results
The output from this process was the East Wing Project Charter; it produced a seismic shift in the culture and atmosphere of the project. It allowed for a reset, provided tools for future conflicts and a much-needed common anchor for all teams, no matter which part of the project they contributed to. “We consider this intervention as one of the greatest successes of the project as it allowed us to stay on track and tackle successfully even tougher challenges that were to come.”

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