Case Study

Embedding a new cultural vision across the organisation

The Client
The East European division of a well-respected multi-national pharmaceutical company: serving 17 countries, from the Baltic to the Balkans.
The Brief
“The market is harder, health budgets are being slashed. We need to shift our paradigm, to focus everyone around a clear vision for the future. Help us test and launch the vision, to be sure that it is embedded and lived. We do not want it to be another set of forgotten words.”
The Response

Working with the Vice-President and head of HR we facilitated a meeting of the leaders in the countries. The vision was presented to them and we facilitated a process around the following questions:

  • What did you hear?
  • How do you feel about it?
  • What would you like clarification of, more information on?
  • What does the vision mean to you and your team?
  • What will have to change in the business if the vision is to become a reality?
  • Who will have to change – including you?

This process resulted in a refined and polished vision which was embraced by all  17 countries.

This programme is ongoing. A communications and roll-out package was developed and implemented. Now, an in-depth programme of work, in all countries, is under way: the essence of the D’Arcy contribution is to facilitate the process towards client  ownership and involvement, with a major intervention to explore mindsets and willingness to change – at all levels in the businesses.

The Results
Improved cross-functional focus on the medical patient as end-user, and measured improvement in morale and job satisfaction

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